A house in Normandy from broken dishes !

As you probably guessed from my last note, in which I told about the country house of the architect Corbusier, that we were on the road. And today, we are already in Normandy, and I already have ideas of what new things could be told to you, but let’s start little by little, after I discovered interesting places in France for myself .

These are interesting French people, of course it was possible to think of such a thing, but not everyone can implement it, and so excellently. I tell you about one more place that I was lucky enough to visit on our journey. Are you already interested? It was also interesting for me to look at this, and even meet such a person who is somehow related to all this. Rather, he continued the business started by his own father. After all, such a builder as the builder of the Ideal Palace is no longer alive, and this person, please, was standing in front of me. These are the people who created these interesting places in France, and which are always interesting for us to look at, and we are always interested in the very essence of the life of these very interesting people .

So I want to introduce you to a house made of broken dishes. What a miracle to see it with your own eyes.

When I found out that we were going to Normandy for a few days, I found this place on the Internet, and when I arrived at this house, I started shooting, because no one forbade me to do this. But somehow it was awkward, since there were no people and there was a feeling that I had penetrated into someone else’s territory. And it was true, since the building was closed for repairs, and the person who worked peacefully said that it was impossible to shoot, because work was going on here, and he did not want to be responsible for the consequences, if we get injured here. Well, what kind of injuries are you, it’s probably just the way it is according to the law, or most likely he didn’t want to show his construction mess. What I shot before with my camera, of course I’m not going to erase. You can see that there are really solid works going on here, for a year or maybe two, but this is a very interesting place, and quite famous in France, and on a lot of French blocks you can read the information, but in Russian only probably for now on mine. and I also found a video without construction work on the Internet, and I will also provide it to you for viewing at the end of my story.

The creator of such a miracle was Robert Vasser (1908 – 2002), a man who probably looked at this world with slightly different eyes, and therefore was able to create something that was completely different from the other. His work began with the kitchen in 1952.

At the very beginning, he decided to decorate his kitchen with broken dishes and beautiful seashells. Due to the fact that he really liked the result, he continued to decorate the rest of the house in this way, and even the outer facade of the house, and even decorated the doghouse with broken dishes.

Today his son looks after this house. Recently, this house required a bit of repair, and the son of Robert Vasser decided to repair it on his own. That’s why when I arrived at the place, the visiting house was closed, and I met the son of this man there, with whom, in fact, a not long conversation took place. If you have to visit Normandy, then I advise you not to pass by, and be sure to look at this house decorated with broken dishes.

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