Print 10 Goals in Internal Game, Indra Value Finishing There is Progress

Print 10 Goals in Internal Game, Indra Value Finishing There is Progress

Indonesia U-19 national team held an internal game at the stadium of Yogyakarta State University on Saturday (05/08/2017) morning Agen Judi Online. Coach Indra Sjafri assess players national team progress, especially regarding tactical and final settlement.

Internal game lasted 2×40 minutes and created 10 goals. In the first half the U-19 national team players scored 6 goals while the second half created 4 goals.

“I see there are positive progress and progress from this team.” Finishing them more productive, there are many goals that successfully created, “said Indra after the internal game.

Disiredya, finishing is indeed one of the problems of the players. In addition, the matter of build up in high pressure.

“Yes, finishing and second how he builds up when high pressure can get out of it and we can prove it too when PSP Padang and Espanyol opponents We build up, they pressure and the kids can get out of it,” he said.

Indra hopes people do not have to worry about the game behind. According to Indra, if the game behind is done perfectly then there will be no risk.

In addition to finishing and build up, he continued another positive progress is about the tactical understanding of the players. What has been trained during the first day of TC until Friday can be practiced by the players in the internal game.

“There is a positive progress in tactical understanding, so what we train from Monday to Friday they can apply in the game,” he said.

U-19 national team starting Monday, July 31, 2017, last stage TC in Yogyakarta before plunging in AFF Cup U-18 Myanmar, September. The last TC is planned to last for four weeks.

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