Gerrard: Liverpool Do not Need Panic

Gerrard: Liverpool Do not Need Panic

After the negative results achieved by Liverpool in recent weeks, Steven Gerrard requested that the team must remain calm and correct mistakes.

Now the Reds are getting the spotlight sharply because of seven English League matches team made by Jurgen Klopp has a poor defense where it has conceded 12 goals and nets Simon Mignolet goal most conceded a goal against Manchester City which ended with a score of 5-0.

The result is Merseyside club must be scattered in the rankings of the seven standings and doubt it can compete Premier League champions 2017-2018. But the legend who already understands outside in Anfield asked that Jordan Henderson Cs not to worry too much. Because dirina believe his team will return to the best path after the International break.

“We have only seven English League matches, no need to panic,” Steven Gerrard told the media.

“We have a great coach and coaching staff.

“I think we’ll be fine.

“I’m sure we’ll be in the top four.”

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