Opponents Sampdoria, AC Milan Playmaker Impressed at Marassi Stadium

Opponents Sampdoria, AC Milan Playmaker Impressed at Marassi Stadium

AC Milan playmaker, Suso, conveyed his personal impression of the Marassi stadium ahead of Serie A’s sixth weekend match against Sampdoria. The Spanish national team player still remembers the times when he played at another stadium named Luigi Ferraris.

As is known, Suso had once loaned to Genoa, who also headquartered in Marassi, in January 2016 for six months. Since that time his appearance began to climb until now he became a milestone AC Milan.

“(Marassi) is a stadium that I really like because the fans are very close to the field and they are very boisterous,” said Suso to Milan TV, as reported by Football Italia.

I Rossoneri will face Sampdoria at Marassi on Sunday (24/09/2017). In action later, Suso plans to be deployed as a supporter Nikola Kalinic on the front lines.

“It was an important game. The stadium will greatly help the host. Look, when I play against SPAL, when we hear fans singing our names, that’s what it looks like, “he said.

‘As it says, fans are always fantastic since my first day here,’ Suso continued.

According to Suso, rivals AC Milan this season is a formidable team. For that, he said, in order to win the title, Milan must be able to beat all the teams from the middle board down.

“Last season and previous seasons we lost a lot of points because of that (often failing to beat the mid-board team down). We have to focus on all matches. We have to win it. Against the other major rivals again. We have to win, lose or draw, “Suso said.

The Sampdoria are currently ranked eighth with eight points from four matches that have been played. Marco Giampaolo’s team still have one game delayed, which is against AS Roma. Last season, Sampdoria twice beat AC Milan, home and away.

“Sampdoria are a well-organized team with a good midfield. They know exactly what to do. That is why we must really focus and bring home three points, “said Suso.

Cordoba: Inter, Juve And Napoli Compete In The Scudetto

Cordoba: Inter, Juve And Napoli Compete In The Scudetto

Ivan Cordoba has confidence that Juventus, Napoli and Inter have something more than what the other team have for the Scudetto.

The three teams have won four giornata at the start of the season, the first time the three teams maintained a perfect record for four opening giornata since 1960.

Cordoba spent 13 seasons with Beneamata, winning a treble in 2010, and he talks with local media about Luciano Spalletti’s side.

“If you wear a Nerazzurri shirt, you can not make a calculation,” said the Colombian-born player.

“You have to enter the field with a focus on victory, because the jersey has an obligation to win.”

“Inter will only succeed if they aim at the Scudetto, there is no reason for that. If you want the first place, maybe you will only fall into the third rank.

“However, if you target the third position, you could finish outside the top four.”

“The squad has been built for domestic league level competitions, not a European level game.”

“In this case the players must be prepared carefully, because if they are depressed, it will be a problem, but if they are ready, this will be an advantage and in this situation the coach is the key.”

Buffon Straighten Statement about VAR Technology

Buffon Straighten Statement about VAR Technology

Gianluigi Buffon countered his critics after he revealed that VAR (video assistant referee) makes soccer like water polo.

Reported by BolaSport.com from Football Italia, Buffon previously made a controversial statement by calling the use of VAR to make soccer like a water polo.

“You said VAR would be used in incidents when there was a mistake, but now the referee checked the reruns for a sprained finger or other small thing,” Buffon said.

“It’s no longer football, it’s turned into a water polo,” he said.

Juventus captain was then trying to straighten what he wanted to express.

According to Buffon, he did not reject the use of VAR, but little criticized the use of which is considered less precise.

“It’s embarrassing, someone who’s trying to give constructive criticism is reviled, I’m 40 and playing football for 23. I’m not a new fool in football,” he said.

“I believe that my thoughts are worth listening to, I’m just saying that VARs should be used appropriately and not abused, I never said I refused,” Buffon said.

Buffon also felt sad that the referee was upset over his statement, when he intended to support them.

Previously, the Italian national team goalkeeper criticized VAR after his team won 4-2 over Genoa in the second week of the Italian League.

In the game, both teams get a penalty from the decisions seen through the technology of reruns via VAR.

Strootman Not Interested Join Juventus

Strootman Not Interested Join Juventus

Reports say if Kevin Strootman has confirmed to Roma that he did not intend to join Juventus this summer.

The bianconeri had been adequately linked with the midfielder during the transfer window, after bringing Miralem Pjanic last season.

The difference is that the Bosnian player has a release clause in his contract, and meanwhile Strootman also has a 45 million euro clause, which is only valid until before August 1st.

According to media in Italy, there is interest from Turin, but the Dutch national team players have given certainty to the Giallorossi that he did not want to follow in the footsteps of Pjanic.

The capital club also did not want to release it, so it appeared that there was no chance to enter the negotiation process until it was reached.

Allegri: Juventus Behind the Eyes

Allegri: Juventus Behind the Eyes

Juventus coach Max Allegri believes people do not understand the importance when the team got to the Champions League final in Cardiff Agen Bola Terpercaya.

The Bianconeri played their second final in three seasons, but in the end had to lose, this time 4-1 from Real Madrid.

“It’s disappointing, because people do not understand the importance of what we do,” Allegri said.

“At the moment nobody is talking about it, but in the future they will be aware of what we have accomplished.

“Unfortunately, that’s the only way. Maybe we’ll win the third final. In this case, this is the season where we performed great in the Champions.

“We balance Real Madrid in the first round. We started to threaten in the second half, especially when Mandzukic and Pjanic were a bit limp.

“Real understood the difficulty of the game in the first half, but when they realized they could sink in, they did it.

“That’s what great teams do.”

AC Milan Not Close Opportunity Recruit Ibrahimovic or Falcao

AC Milan Not Close Opportunity Recruit Ibrahimovic or Falcao

AC Milan CEO, Marco Fassone, apparently still looking for new players for the needs of his team.

Despite having brought in 10 new players and spent more than 210 million euros, AC Milan still needs experienced attackers.

“We are still talking about the striker, but must use the time (transfer market) as wise as possible,” said Fassone quoted BolaSport from Sky Sport Italia.

“We continue to work, there should be no rush to make no mistakes,” he said.

Fassone was also asked about the possibility of Milan recruiting Zlatan Ibrahimovic or the deadly US attacker Monaco, Radamel Falcao.

Currently, Ibrahimovic has no contract with any club and is in healing injury.

Striker Monaco, Radamel Falcao, tampak kecewa kala gagal menyelesaikan peluang di depan gawang Fenerbahce pada kualifikasi Liga Champions, Rabu (27/7/2016).

Monaco striker Radamel Falcao looked disappointed when he failed to complete the chances in front of goal Fenerbahce in Champions League qualifying on Wednesday (27/07/2016). (BULENT KILIC / AFP)

As for Falcao last season was in a good performance by bringing Monaco won the French League.

“So far, I have not found the name mentioned and I can not say no to Falcao, but from six or seven suggested names, we are getting closer,” he said.

In addition to Ibra and Falcao, the names of the top strikers often linked are Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Diego Costa, Andrea Belotti, and Nikola Kalinic.

However, if Ibra’s recruitment takes place, it will be a nostalgic event for Ibrahimovic and Rossoneri.

Previously, the Swedish striker had defended Milan in the period 2010-2012 and won the Italian League title in the 2010-2011 season.