Conte Commentary Victory Chelsea

Conte Commentary Victory Chelsea

After winning over Newcastle United at the weekend, Antonio Conte claimed not satisfied with Chelsea’s performance, especially in the early game Judi bola.

Where the match that took place at Stamford Bridge, the Blues perform poorly. As a result entering the 12th minute Dwight Gayle managed to break into the goal nets Thibaut Courtois.

But the goal was straightforward in their respective responses through Eden Hazard as well as Alvaro Morata’s header. Even the team’s games increased sharply in the second half. The result referee pointed to the spot after Matt Richie loudly pondered the pace of Victor Moses in the forbidden box.

Hazard who is appointed as executor is able to carry out their duties properly and with the victory then put the West London club comfortably ranked in the standings by packing 32 points. Interestingly the results were also at the same time still open up Chelsea’s chances to shift the position of Manchester City at the top of the standings despite a thin kansnya. As for the Magpies defeat it makes them still stuck in the bottom board.

After the game despite furious with the appearance of foster children at the beginning of the game, but the Italian coach who ever menukangi Juventus was pleased with the end result and he was also satisfied because the rotation of the players who do run well.

“I do not think our start is good enough,” Antonio Conte told the media.

“Ages lag behind 1-0, we just started playing with high intensity and good football. Our start will be slow.

“We did well after just a two-day break, it was a solid performance despite success, we showed good motivation and intensity. I did a rotation in the game and my player’s response was positive.

“I think today to play and win the game after just two days break is very meaningful. Newcastle has the advantage of one more day break. ”

The next game of Gary Cahill Cs will play in the Champions League competition which faces Atletico Madrid on Thursday morning.

Chelsea goalkeeper: Mates fight against the Dead

Chelsea goalkeeper: Mates fight against the Dead

Thibaut Courtois looked at Chelsea’s game against United as a party of life. He considered the defeat would make the Blues season destroyed before entering the new year

Chelsea’s confidence is falling this week. The reason, they had just defeated 0-3 against AS Roma in the Champions League this weekend.

While in the Premier League Chelsea is also still stuck in fourth position. The new Blues collecting 19 points from 20 matches.

While the top standings are still held by Manchester duo. City are in first place with 28 points, while MU trail with 23 points.

“City are at odds with nine points, Manchester United are four, and Tottenham one, so it’s really a crucial game,” said Courtois as reported by the Evening Standard.

“We have to win in order to stay on top and keep up the competition,” said Courtois, who played a major role in Chelsea’s Premier League title last season.

Last season’s meeting

During this Chelsea duel cons MU is always going on fierce. Moreover, both are always reinforced by the star players.

Last season in the Premier League, Chelsea and Manchester United beat each other. At the first encounter at home, the Blues won by 1-0. While at Old Trafford, Manchester United responded with a 2-0 victory.

Mourinho: Bad Kick That Becomes a Beautiful Goal

Mourinho: Bad Kick That Becomes a Beautiful Goal

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho discussed Anthony Martial’s goal, which set his side’s victory over Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford Stadium on Saturday (28/10/2017). Admittedly, the quality of the player is not very good settlement but gives a sweet result.

The play begins with goalkeeper David De Gea’s kick in the Manchester United penalty box. The ball is reflected with Romelu Lukaku’s head to bring Martial’s free space.

Do not want to linger, Martial who is not a left-handed player, forced himself to release a left foot shot into goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. According Mourinho, the quality of the final settlement of the attacker is actually quite bad.

“Martial scored with a bad shot, but a bad kick can also be a wonderful goal,” Mourinho said as quoted by the BBC.

Martial just signed in for Marcus Rashford in the second half. Inevitably, the predicate super-sub was increasingly embedded in the French origin of the figure.

Of the four goals in the Premier League this season, everything is printed as a substitute.

“Sometimes, he plays from the beginning and contributes positively, but does not score,” said Mourinho.

Thanks to the super-sub single goal, Manchester United perched in second place with a collection of 23 points. They are two points adrift of top standings, Manchester City, who will play West Bromwich Albion a few hours ago.

Historic Day for Kenny Dalglish during Liverpool Vs Man United

Historic Day for Kenny Dalglish during Liverpool Vs Man United

Liverpool will host Manchester United at Anfield Stadium on Saturday (14/10/2017). The eighth English League’s eighth straight game not only featured the battles of the two arch-rivals but the date is also a historic day for Liverpool and one of its legends, Kenny Dalglish.

What is article? The name Dalglish will be immortalized in one corner of the Anfield stadium. One of the tribune known as the Centenary Stand will be renamed Kenny Dalglish Stand.

The inauguration of Dalglish’s name to mark the Anfield tribune is a tribute to the legend. Currently the name Dalglish has been pinned on the roof of the tribune opposite the Main Stand Anfield Stadium.

Anfield has four sides of the tribune with different names. The four stands are Main Stand, The Kop, Anfield Road End and Centenary Stand which will be changed to Kenny Dalglish Stand.

40 years ago, Dalglish became one of the most expensive players in the history of the English League. He brought Liverpool from Celtic with a dowry worth 440,000 pounds, or about Rp 7.8 billion with the current exchange rate.

Dalglish and his family plan to attend the event along with several other former Liverpool players. Quoted from the Daily Mail Mail, Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton are also rumored to be present in the event.

Conte: Chelsea must accept defeat from Manchester City

Conte: Chelsea must accept defeat from Manchester City

After Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat against Manchester City last weekend in the English Premier League, Antonio Conte called for his squad and fans to accept a painful defeat.

The match that took place at Stamford Bridge, the only goal of The Citizens was created by Kevin De Bruyne in the second half after he completed the ripe bait from Gabriel Jesus, where with perfect achievement gained when a visit to West London then make the team made by Pep Guardiola is now more solid at the top of the standings by packing 19 points.

While the defeat in the host to make the circle began to doubt Eden Hazard Cs can defend the English Premier League title in the can season yesterday. Even the fans and the club’s football legend have criticized Conte’s coaching.

Despite the pressure, the former Juventus coach called for the recipients to receive such an unpleasant result. Because The Citizen really prepare the team well.

“We won the title with Juventus and I expect a very strong challenge from AC Milan, but they are selling Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva to PSG, so they are becoming weaker,” Conte told media.

“It’s not simple the second time, but it’s easier. Here, from last season until this season, you have a great team and now they are great now.

“I think we last season really did the right job, because we won the league against a very strong team, because Manchester City last season was a fantastic team and now after I think their good transfer market has improved greatly. Not easy to play in this league.

“We have to do the best in every game with big ambitions, because we must always have the right ambition, but at the same time sometimes you have to praise your opponent and accept the result.”

The next game after the break of the International Chelsea will face Crystal Palace.

Gerrard: Liverpool Do not Need Panic

Gerrard: Liverpool Do not Need Panic

After the negative results achieved by Liverpool in recent weeks, Steven Gerrard requested that the team must remain calm and correct mistakes.

Now the Reds are getting the spotlight sharply because of seven English League matches team made by Jurgen Klopp has a poor defense where it has conceded 12 goals and nets Simon Mignolet goal most conceded a goal against Manchester City which ended with a score of 5-0.

The result is Merseyside club must be scattered in the rankings of the seven standings and doubt it can compete Premier League champions 2017-2018. But the legend who already understands outside in Anfield asked that Jordan Henderson Cs not to worry too much. Because dirina believe his team will return to the best path after the International break.

“We have only seven English League matches, no need to panic,” Steven Gerrard told the media.

“We have a great coach and coaching staff.

“I think we’ll be fine.

“I’m sure we’ll be in the top four.”

Bellerin: Arsenal Must Look Consistent If Want Champion

Bellerin: Arsenal Must Look Consistent If Want Champion

Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin has called for his team-mates to start the fifth week of the Premier League 2017-2018 to play well until the end of the season Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Of the four early matches of the Gunners are considered not to perform satisfactory where in the opening match must reach 4-3 triumph with Leicester City.

While in two away games must swallow each defeat of Stoke City and Liverpool. But in the fourth week foster children Arsene Wenger began to rise from bad trends with a 3-0 win over Bournemouth at Emirates Stadium.

Despite a successful defeat but Hector continued to be linked to join Barcelona it urged his colleagues to remain consistent until the end of summer and he felt his team can come out as champions like Chelsea where at the beginning of the season yesterday had to struggle over that unbeaten for 13 a streak of action which made him a Premier League champion under the direction of Antonio Conte.

“See how Chelsea started last season and how they ended up winning the title,” Hector Bellerin told the media.

“It does not matter how you start but must be consistent. Try if you check Chelsea’s results at the start of last season, where they had a tough time, they lost two games and won some games in the last minute.

“Then, they won 13 consecutive games and eventually won the Premier League. Manchester City nevertheless started very well and then disappeared.

“The important thing is to be consistent throughout the season. We have two bad matches but we now have six points and we have to wait for him. ”

While Bellerin believes his team can still win the English Premier League this summer and for him just two natural defeats need not be raised.

“If we did not think we could win the title, then what would we do here? That would not make sense,” Bellerin continued.

“We practice every day very difficult to win the Premier League. It’s just two bad matches.

“This is a difficult time for the Arsenal family. Players know we have to give 100% against Bournemouth because we have to be indifferent to the others. “

Leicester City Shoot Chris Smalling

Leicester City Shoot Chris Smalling

Premier League champions 2015/2016 season, Leicester City are now reportedly eyeing Manchester United defender Chris Smalling.

Shakespeare considers Smalling to be a player who is able to contribute to the defense of The Foxes this season.

However, the manager of The Red Devil, Jose Mourinho reportedly has no intention to sell Smalling, despite a big offer to him.

With so desire Leicester to bring Smalling only a dream that will never materialize.

That’s because a few seasons ago until now, Mourinho considers Smalling is a player who has given many great contributions at Old Trafford.

Llorente melewatkan awal musim Premier League dengan lengan patah

Llorente melewatkan awal musim Premier League dengan lengan patah

Fernando Llorente telah dikesampingkan dari Swansea City pembuka Liga Premier melawan Southampton dengan lengan patah.

Striker tersebut mengalami cedera dalam kecelakaan sepeda pada liburan dan tidak diharapkan pulih pada waktunya untuk perjalanan ke Stadion St Mary pada 12 Agustus.

Pelatih kepala Paul Clement mengatakan pemulihan Llorente semakin maju namun forward juga tidak tersedia untuk pertandingan kandang pertama Swansea, melawan Manchester United, akhir pekan berikutnya.

“Fernando merehabilitasi secara individu – dia belum mengikuti pelatihan tim,” Clement mengatakan. “Tapi dengan asumsi semua berjalan lancar, kami mengantisipasi hal itu terjadi dalam 10 hari ke depan.

“Saya pikir tidak mungkin dia akan terlibat dalam beberapa pertandingan pertama, tapi kepulangannya tidak akan lama lagi, itu akan selalu disentuh dan dimulai pada awal musim.

“Yang paling penting adalah kami mendapatkan lengan kanan Anda tidak ingin dia mematahkannya kembali dan kemudian berakhir dengan Fernando yang perlu dioperasi, karena cedera enam minggu kemudian bisa menjadi cedera enam bulan.”

Llorente mencetak 15 gol di Liga Primer musim lalu untuk membantu Swansea bertahan di papan atas, dan petenis berusia 32 tahun itu kemudian dikaitkan dengan kepindahan ke juara Liga Primer Chelsea.