PSSI Agendakan Trial, Three Countries Predicted

PSSI Agendakan Trial, Three Countries Predicted

PSSI will hold a test match for the U-23 national team and senior national team in November. The test match is planned to be held twice on November 18 and 25 at Mukti Cikarang Wakawa Stadium, Bekasi District.

This trial schedule is deliberately held outside the FIFA Match Day span from November 6 to 14, to allow players and clubs to complete the League 1 competition which ends on November 12, 2017. Currently the title race and club competition avoids the relegation zone still very tight.

At the top of the standings, the competition involves at least five teams namely Bhayangkara FC, Bali United, PSM Makassar, Persipura Jayapura, and Madura United. While in the zone of competition degradation involving four clubs namely Persiba Balikpapan, Semen Padang, Perseru Serui and PS TNI.

“We want to give players and clubs a chance to finish the league well. Because of that FIFA international friendly match we set the date of 18 and 25 November, “said Secretary General PSSI Queen Tisha Destria.

For candidates against U-23 national team, Tisha said that currently being explored national team U-23 Syria and Jordan. As for the opponent’s senior national team opponent that is prepared Guyana whose match was held November 25, 2017.

“The U-23 national team test is part of the early stages of team building and preparation for the 2018 Asian Games,” Tisha explained.

For U-23 national team, this trial is the first in 2017. Before following the Asian Games, in February 2018 U-23 national team is also scheduled to take the test of the Asian Games event first.

Jordan and Syria are strong teams in the West Asian region. The two teams also qualify for the 2018 U-23 Asian Cup finals in China in January 2018. It is hoped that through this test of national team coach Luis Milla has an idea for the team building process.

As for Indonesia Senior National Team is the sixth trial in 2017. Previously Garuda squad has been against Myanmar, twice against Cambodia, Puerto Rico, Fiji, Cambodia.

Guyana itself is on the north coast of South America. They are currently ranked 165th in FIFA ranking aka the same as Indonesia’s position.

Bali United U-19 Player Injured Neck for Beating Opponent

Bali United U-19 Player Injured Neck for Beating Opponent

Indonesian football again took its toll, this time Ricky Nova Asterix from U-19 Bali United team

Ricky Nova Asterix suffered a neck injury while his team against Bhayangkara FC in the 18th round of League 1 U-19 at Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Saturday (21/10/2017).

The match ended with the score 2-2 was stopped in the injury time. The trigger is a dispute between several players.

Initially, Bhayangkara was controlling the ball through Icthio Ni Matul Akbar. The ball was captured by the players of Bali United, but the emotionless Icthio fired a right-footed kick over the opponent’s shin.

The commotion ensued. Captain Bhayangkara FC, Reksa Maulana, ran and pushed the crowd.

Mutual also caught on camera performing a commendable act by hitting the neck of Bali United U-19 player, Ricky Nova Asterix.

The owner of the last name lies unconscious and is immediately stretched out to be taken to the hospital. Of the tools used to use, Ricky Nova is likely to have a neck injury.

Thrust is seen lasting several minutes without being interrupted by the panpel and security forces in the front area of ​​the stadium VIP stadium.

Here is a video of the incident:

Both teams finished 2-2. The Bhayangkara FC goal was scored by Jadug Arya Aragani in the 24th minute and Sani Rizki Fauzi in the 80th minute

And goals from Bali United reply through Kadek Agung Widyana Putra in the 64th minute and Dalen Ramadan when the injury time.

Indonesia Vs Malaysia, Coach Opponent Beware of Garuda Young Awakening

Indonesia Vs Malaysia, Coach Opponent Beware of Garuda Young Awakening

Malaysia U-22 national team coach, Ong Kim Swee, warned foster children to remain wary of U-22 Indonesia national team Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

The reason, according to him, Garuda Young squad show a better game and some changes.

Malaysia had a 3-0 win over Indonesia in the 2018 AFC Qualifying match in Bangkok last July. However, Kim Swee states that it can not be the basis.

“Victory (3-0 over Indonesia) when in Thailand also should not be the basis,” said Kim Swee quoted from

“There must be new players in the Indonesian squad and after a few games, Indonesia can form a harmony in their squad,” he said.

In addition, the coach also said that the appearance of Indonesia is getting better. This is proven by the success of Hansamu cs holding Thailand and Vietnam.

“As we know, we can see Indonesia getting better, they are able to keep up with Thailand and Vietnam, which shows that they should not be underestimated,” he said.

Ong Kim Swee coach also asked his foster children to take advantage of the benefits as a host with the presence of supporters who can encourage the players.

“I hope the players can take advantage of appearing at home because I’m sure the presence of supporters can inspire them,” said Kim Swee.

Previously Malaysia managed to step into the semifinals with group winning status after conquering Laos with a score of 3-1.

These results make Malaysia will meet with runner-up Group B, Indonesia.

Indonesia vs Malaysia match will take place at Shah Alam Stadium on Saturday (8/26/2017), at 19:45 pm.

After Defeating the Philippines, Indonesia Prepares for Game Vs Timor Leste

After Defeating the Philippines, Indonesia Prepares for Game Vs Timor Leste

No free time. The words may be felt Hansamu Yama and colleagues after Indonesia U-22 national team win big over the Philippines on Thursday (17/08/2017) night.

In the second party Group B SEA Games 2017, Indonesia U-22 national team won with a score of 3-0 over the Philippines at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor.

After the match that last night with kick-off at 19:45 pm, Hansamu Yama cs still have practice the next day.

On Friday (08/18/2017), U-22 Indonesia national team players undergo afternoon session training.

“U-22 national team will practice the afternoon session and there is no afternoon for tomorrow,” said Media Officer U-22 Indonesia national team, Donny Fachrochi, after the game.

“The training will be undertaken in the Field of Safe Club,” he said through the release to the media covering SEA Games 2017.

This exercise is actually scheduled earlier, at 09.30 am Malaysia or 08:30 pm.

However, Donny said that coach Luis Milla revised to be at 11:00 local time or at 10:00 pm.

U-22 national team Indonesia won in the second game with goalscorer Septian David Maulana and Muhammad Hargianto in the first round.

One more goal is created thanks to a beautiful kick Sandil Ramdani in the middle of the second half.

Furthermore, Indonesia U-22 national team will face Timor Leste national team at MP Selayang Stadium, Selangor, on Sunday (08/20/2017).

Print 10 Goals in Internal Game, Indra Value Finishing There is Progress

Print 10 Goals in Internal Game, Indra Value Finishing There is Progress

Indonesia U-19 national team held an internal game at the stadium of Yogyakarta State University on Saturday (05/08/2017) morning Agen Judi Online. Coach Indra Sjafri assess players national team progress, especially regarding tactical and final settlement.

Internal game lasted 2×40 minutes and created 10 goals. In the first half the U-19 national team players scored 6 goals while the second half created 4 goals.

“I see there are positive progress and progress from this team.” Finishing them more productive, there are many goals that successfully created, “said Indra after the internal game.

Disiredya, finishing is indeed one of the problems of the players. In addition, the matter of build up in high pressure.

“Yes, finishing and second how he builds up when high pressure can get out of it and we can prove it too when PSP Padang and Espanyol opponents We build up, they pressure and the kids can get out of it,” he said.

Indra hopes people do not have to worry about the game behind. According to Indra, if the game behind is done perfectly then there will be no risk.

In addition to finishing and build up, he continued another positive progress is about the tactical understanding of the players. What has been trained during the first day of TC until Friday can be practiced by the players in the internal game.

“There is a positive progress in tactical understanding, so what we train from Monday to Friday they can apply in the game,” he said.

U-19 national team starting Monday, July 31, 2017, last stage TC in Yogyakarta before plunging in AFF Cup U-18 Myanmar, September. The last TC is planned to last for four weeks.