Before Tenar, Mbappe Pajang Photo Ronaldo in his Room

Before Tenar, Mbappe Pajang Photo Ronaldo in his Room

Kylian Mbappe is paving the way to glory Taruhan Bola. The 18-year-old began to emerge as the lethal striker for the opponent’s defense .

Naturally when the transfer market last summer, a line of European elite clubs lined up get his signature. But the choice eventually fell to Paris Saint Germain (PSG). Les Parisiens brought him on loan status and a permanent purchase option worth 180 million euros in the summer.

This is of course a big leap for players who just two summers ago celebrated their graduation from high school. But the success of Mbappe certainly not obtained in the blink of an eye. It takes a process and a journey that is not easy for him.

The BBC recently searched past Mbappe. The British media interviewed a number of parties involved in Mbappe’s childhood, including Antonio Riccardi U-13 US Bondy. Not only to hone Mbappe skills, Riccardi is also sometimes a nanny.

“Kylian always thinks about football, always talks soccer, always watches the ball – and if not, that means he’s playing football on the PlayStation,” Riccardi said.

Riccardi is very close to the Mbappe family. After the rehearsal, he sometimes takes Mbappe home while waiting for his mother to come pick up.

“She always wants to play in the living room, the sofa or the table so she’ll say,” Do not tell my mom and do not tell my dad because they do not want me to play here. Please do not say yes. “So we kept playing and I kept it a secret, luckily he did not break anything,” Riccardi said.

Riccardi added, Mbappe has not had a favorite club since childhood. But he has a row of idol players. Some of their posters even decorate his room.

“He is a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo is really his childhood hero.”

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