Bali United U-19 Player Injured Neck for Beating Opponent

Bali United U-19 Player Injured Neck for Beating Opponent

Indonesian football again took its toll, this time Ricky Nova Asterix from U-19 Bali United team

Ricky Nova Asterix suffered a neck injury while his team against Bhayangkara FC in the 18th round of League 1 U-19 at Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Saturday (21/10/2017).

The match ended with the score 2-2 was stopped in the injury time. The trigger is a dispute between several players.

Initially, Bhayangkara was controlling the ball through Icthio Ni Matul Akbar. The ball was captured by the players of Bali United, but the emotionless Icthio fired a right-footed kick over the opponent’s shin.

The commotion ensued. Captain Bhayangkara FC, Reksa Maulana, ran and pushed the crowd.

Mutual also caught on camera performing a commendable act by hitting the neck of Bali United U-19 player, Ricky Nova Asterix.

The owner of the last name lies unconscious and is immediately stretched out to be taken to the hospital. Of the tools used to use, Ricky Nova is likely to have a neck injury.

Thrust is seen lasting several minutes without being interrupted by the panpel and security forces in the front area of ​​the stadium VIP stadium.

Here is a video of the incident:

Both teams finished 2-2. The Bhayangkara FC goal was scored by Jadug Arya Aragani in the 24th minute and Sani Rizki Fauzi in the 80th minute

And goals from Bali United reply through Kadek Agung Widyana Putra in the 64th minute and Dalen Ramadan when the injury time.

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