Chelsea goalkeeper: Mates fight against the Dead

Chelsea goalkeeper: Mates fight against the Dead

Thibaut Courtois looked at Chelsea’s game against United as a party of life. He considered the defeat would make the Blues season destroyed before entering the new year

Chelsea’s confidence is falling this week. The reason, they had just defeated 0-3 against AS Roma in the Champions League this weekend.

While in the Premier League Chelsea is also still stuck in fourth position. The new Blues collecting 19 points from 20 matches.

While the top standings are still held by Manchester duo. City are in first place with 28 points, while MU trail with 23 points.

“City are at odds with nine points, Manchester United are four, and Tottenham one, so it’s really a crucial game,” said Courtois as reported by the Evening Standard.

“We have to win in order to stay on top and keep up the competition,” said Courtois, who played a major role in Chelsea’s Premier League title last season.

Last season’s meeting

During this Chelsea duel cons MU is always going on fierce. Moreover, both are always reinforced by the star players.

Last season in the Premier League, Chelsea and Manchester United beat each other. At the first encounter at home, the Blues won by 1-0. While at Old Trafford, Manchester United responded with a 2-0 victory.

Gabi: Europa League Is a Waste Competition!

Gabi: Europa League Is a Waste Competition!

Atletico Madrid captain Gabi admits he is very disappointed with his team’s failure to break the Champions League group stage

Diego Simeone’s team is undergoing a bad period in Europe. They are certain to go into the Europa League, and although Gabi had won two times in the competition, the player considers the competition to lose prestige, when compared to the Champions League.

“Today, I will say it. Europa League is a garbage competition! “The Spanish midfielder told reporters.

“But the Europa League has given me a lot of things. If I do have to play there, then we will play there, in order to win it. ”

“I think our chances of getting away with it are very small. We are very disappointed, and we must be willing to criticize ourselves. We did not win at all in the fight against Qarabag. “